Timer jobs explained#

Ubuntu Pro Client (pro) sets up a systemd timer to run jobs that need to be carried out periodically. Every time the timer runs, it decides which jobs need to be performed based on their intervals. When a job runs successfully, its next run is determined by the interval defined for that job.

Current jobs#

The jobs that pro runs periodically are metering and update_messaging.

The update_messaging job#

update_messaging updates the MOTD and APT messages every 6 hours. It ensures that the MOTD and APT messages displayed on the system match those that are available/enabled. It finds updated information about available packages or security updates and shows these to the user.

The metering job#

metering pings the Canonical servers for contract metering every 4 hours. It informs Canonical which services are enabled on the machine.


The metering job only runs when attached to an Ubuntu Pro subscription.