How to attach with a configuration file#

To attach with a configuration file, you must run pro attach with the --attach-config flag, passing the path of the configuration file you intend to use.

When using --attach-config the token must be passed in the file rather than on the command line. This is useful in situations where it is preferred to keep the secret token in a file.

Optionally, the attached config file can be used to override the services that are automatically enabled as a part of the attach process.

Get an Ubuntu Pro token#

Retrieve your Ubuntu Pro token from the Ubuntu Pro portal. Log in with your “Single Sign On” credentials, the same credentials you use for

After you have logged in you can go to the Ubuntu Pro Dashboard associated with your user account. It will show you all subscriptions currently available to you and for each associated token.

Note that even without buying anything you can always obtain a free personal token that way, which provides you with access to several of the Ubuntu Pro services.

The attach config file#

An attach config file looks like this:

token: YOUR_TOKEN_HERE  # required
enable_services:        # optional list of service names to auto-enable
  - esm-infra
  - esm-apps
  - cis

And can be passed via the CLI with the following command:

sudo pro attach --attach-config /path/to/file.yaml