About Public Cloud Ubuntu Pro images#

Ubuntu Pro images are published to AWS, Azure and GCP. All of these come with Ubuntu Pro support and services built in.

On first boot, Ubuntu Pro images will automatically attach to an Ubuntu Pro support contract and enable all necessary Ubuntu Pro services so that no extra setup is required to ensure a secure and supported Ubuntu machine.

There are two primary flavors of Ubuntu Pro images in clouds: Ubuntu Pro, and Ubuntu Pro FIPS.

Ubuntu Pro#

These Ubuntu LTS images are provided already attached to Ubuntu Pro support, with kernel Livepatch and ESM security access enabled. Ubuntu Pro images are entitled to enable any additional Ubuntu Pro services (like FIPS or USG).

Ubuntu Pro FIPS#

These specialised Ubuntu Pro images for 16.04, 18.04 and 20.04 come pre-enabled with the cloud-optimised FIPS-certified kernel, as well as all additional SSL and security hardening enabled. These images are available as AWS Ubuntu Pro FIPS, Azure Ubuntu Pro FIPS and GCP Ubuntu Pro FIPS.