How to simulate the attach operation#

If you are unsure what the state of your machine will be after running attach with a specific token, you can simulate running the attach operation by running:

$ pro status --simulate-with-token YOUR_TOKEN

After running the command, you should see a modified status table, similar to this one:

cc-eal           yes        yes        no            Common Criteria EAL2 Provisioning Packages
cis              yes        yes        no            Security compliance and audit tools
esm-infra        yes        yes        yes           Expanded Security Maintenance for Infrastructure
fips             yes        yes        no            NIST-certified core packages
fips-updates     yes        yes        no            NIST-certified core packages with priority security updates
livepatch        yes        yes        yes           Canonical Livepatch service

Here, you can see which services that token is entitled to, while also verifying which services will be enabled by default through the AUTO_ENABLED column. The services marked as “yes” here will be automatically enabled when running an attach operation.


If you want more information about the AVAILABLE and ENTITLED columns, please refer to this explanation.