How to manage Landscape#

You can register a machine with Landscape via the pro enable landscape command. You can register interactively for convenience, or non-interactively which is useful for hands-off automation.

To register a machine, you’ll need (as a minimum) your Landscape Account Name and a name for the machine you are registering. If you’re not using Landscape SaaS, then you’ll also need the URL of your hosted Landscape server.

Enable interactively#

To register your machine by interactively providing your Landscape account details at the CLI, run:

sudo pro enable landscape

This command will install landscape-client and start up an interactive wizard to complete the Landscape registration for the machine.

Enable non-interactively#

If you know the details of your Landscape setup then you can register a machine without using the wizard. Under the hood, pro installs and executes landscape-config, so you can pass any parameters supported by landscape-config to pro enable landscape after a --.

You should also use the --assume-yes flag to automatically accept the defaults for any un-provided parameters.

The command to enable Landscape takes the following format:

sudo pro enable landscape \
<pro enable parameters> \
-- \
<landscape-config parameters>

Which, when the parameters are added, should look something like this:

sudo pro enable landscape \
--assume-yes \
-- \
--account-name <my-account> \
--computer-title <my-computer>

That command will install landscape-client and pass the provided parameters after -- to the landscape-config tool to automatically register the machine.

What next?#

After successfully running pro enable landscape, either interactively or non-interactively, an administrator of your Landscape account will need to go to the “Pending Computers” page in Landscape to accept the machine you just registered.

And that’s it! The machine should now appear in the Landscape dashboard for management.