Ubuntu Pro Client tutorial#

This section of our documentation contains step-by-step tutorials to help outline what the Ubuntu Pro Client (pro) is capable of, while helping you to achieve specific aims.

We hope our tutorials make as few assumptions as possible and are accessible to anyone with an interest in pro. They should be a great place to start learning about pro, how it works, and what it’s capable of.

Core tutorial#

This tutorial will help you get started with pro. It introduces the main commands available and helps to orient you with the basics of pro. It is the ideal starting place if you’re unfamiliar with pro and how it works.

Further tutorials#

These tutorials provide a bit more experience with common tasks. If you are already comfortable with the basics and want to start exploring some of the other things you can do with pro, these tutorials are the ideal place to start. They are not sequential, so you can approach them in any order you like!