Ubuntu Pro Client network requirements#

The Ubuntu Pro Client (pro) and Ubuntu Pro services need to make network requests to certain services to function correctly.


You can also refer to our proxy configuration guide to learn how to inform Ubuntu Pro Client of HTTP(S)/APT proxies.


pro needs to authenticate with Canonical servers to provision the credentials that will grant access to the individual Ubuntu Pro services.

Necessary endpoints:

  • contracts.canonical.com:443

APT package-based services#

Many services are delivered via authenticated APT repositories. These include:

  • esm-infra and esm-apps

  • fips and fips-updates

  • cis and usg

  • cc-eal

  • ros and ros-updates

  • realtime-kernel

Necessary endpoints:

  • esm.ubuntu.com:443


livepatch requires a snap-packaged client, so snap-related endpoints are necessary. The Livepatch client itself also requires network access to download the patches from the Livepatch server.


The snap documentation page may have more up-to-date information on snap-related network requirements.

Necessary endpoints for snap

  • api.snapcraft.io:443

  • dashboard.snapcraft.io:443

  • login.ubuntu.com:443

  • *.snapcraftcontent.com:443

Necessary endpoints for livepatch:

  • livepatch.canonical.com:443


pro fix needs to fetch information about USNs and/or CVEs from the Ubuntu Security APIs.

Necessary endpoints:

  • ubuntu.com/security:443