How to configure a timer job#

All timer jobs can be configured through the pro config set command. We will show how you can properly use this command to interact with timer jobs.

Check a timer job’s configuration#

To see each job’s running interval, use the show command:

$ sudo pro config show

You should see output which includes the timer jobs:

update_messaging_timer  21600
metering_timer          14400

Change a timer job interval#

Each job has a configuration option of the form <job_name>_timer, which can be set with pro config. The expected value is a positive integer for the number of seconds in the interval. For example, to change the update_messaging job timer interval to run every 24 hours, run:

$ sudo pro config set update_messaging_timer=86400

Disable a timer job#

To disable a job, set its interval to zero. For instance, to disable the update_messaging job, run:

$ sudo pro config set update_messaging_timer=0