How to collect Ubuntu Pro Client logs#

When reporting a bug it is helpful to include your logs. To collect all of the necessary logs for Ubuntu Pro Client (pro), run the following command:

$ sudo pro collect-logs

This command creates a tarball with all relevant data for debugging possible problems with pro.

It puts together:

  • The Ubuntu Pro Client configuration file (the default is /etc/ubuntu-advantage/uaclient.conf)

  • The Ubuntu Pro Client log files (the default is /var/log/ubuntu-advantage*)

  • The files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* related to Ubuntu Pro

  • Output of systemctl status for the Ubuntu Pro Client-related services

  • Status of the timer jobs, canonical-livepatch, and the systemd timers

  • Output of cloud-id, dmesg and journalctl

Sensitive data is redacted from all files included in the tarball. As of now, the command must be run as root.

Running the command creates a pro_logs.tar.gz file in the current directory. The output file path/name can be changed using the -o option.